A Conversation Between Anarchists

Conversation Between Anarchists

From the text:

An informal anarchist organization flows like water and takes new forms according to the action it wants to carry out. Comrades involved in this kind of organization are not ‘enrolled members’ but continue to maintain their autonomy and individuality. Informal organization promotes concepts such as individual initiative, open dialogue and disagreement, collectivization of the desires that are arming themselves in order to become practice. Informal anarchist organization moves incessantly and keeps itself extraneous to revolutionary dogmas and truths, as immobility is an enemy of freedom. Furthermore, stagnant water only produces putrefaction and poisoning. With this spirit and values the CCF was born, organized itself and continues to exist. It is no vanguard or specialized group, but a spark which – we would like the same to happen with FAI/FRI – will expand like flames until the entire world and its civilization is set on fire.


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