Catalog updated, PGP key added

We have uploaded the last of our redesigned zines today, completing the entirety of our catalog. The publications are now uploaded directly to this site, eliminating our reliance on the now-defunct zinelibrary.

We have also set up encryption for our email. Our public key can be found here.

A few new publications will be posted in the next two months before we take a small break from publishing to focus on other projects.

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Insurrectionary Anarchism


A collection of two of our older publications on insurrectionary anarchy. “Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism” by sasha k. lays out the basic principles of insurrectionary anarchism: attack, autonomous self-organization, rejection of management, illegality, informality, the synthesis of individualism and communism, and immediacy. “Without a Trace” (from the UK publication Do or Die) echoes these ideas and elaborates upon the possibility of anonymity and generalization.


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War on Patriarchy, War on the Death Technology: The Collected Statements, Writings, and Communiques of Direct Action and the Wimmin’s Fire Brigade


A comprehensive collection of writings from the Canadian eco-anarchist group Direct Action. Includes retrospective interviews, communiques from attacks by the group, theoretical essays, and prison writings.


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Queer Fire: The George Jackson Brigade, Men Against Sexism, and Gay Struggle Against Prison

queer fire_Page_01

A collection of histories, speeches, and interviews with members of The George Jackson Brigade and Men Against Sexism. These stories give inspiration for the multiform queer struggle against prison, capitalism, and the state.


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Three Queer Reprints

queers read this
by anonymous queers

I hate the fucking Pope, and I hate John fucking Cardinal fucking O’Connor, and I hate the whole fucking Catholic Church. The same goes for the Military, and especially for Amerika’s Law Enforcement Officials – the cops – state sanctioned sadists who brutalize street transvestites, prostitutes and queer prisoners. I also hate the medical and mental health establishments, particularly the psychiatrist who convinced me not to have sex with men for three years until we (meaning he) could make me bisexual rather than queer. I also hate the education profession, for its share in driving thousands of queer teens to suicide every year. I hate the “respectable” art world, and the entertainment industry, and the mainstream media, especially The New York Times. In fact, I hate every sector of the straight establishment in this country – the worst of whom actively want all queers dead, the best of whom never stick their necks out to keep us alive.


this means war

by Vito Russo

In a lot of ways, AIDS activists are like those doctors out there: they’re so busy putting out fires and taking care of people on respirators that they don’t have the time to take care of all the sick people. We’re so busy putting out fires right now that we don’t have the time to talk to each other and strategize and plan for the next wave, and the next day, and next month, and the next week, and the next year.

And we’re going to have to find the time to do that in the next few months. And we have to commit ourselves to doing that. And then, after we kick the shit out of this disease, we’re all going to be alive to kick the shit out of this system, so that this never happens again.


to destroy sexuality

by Guy Hocquenghem

We can no longer stand by idly while we are robbed of our mouths, our anuses, our sexual members, our guts, our veins… just so they can turn them into parts for their ignominious machine which produces capital, exploitation, and the family. . .We can no longer stand by idly while they control, regulate, and occupy our mucous membranes, the pores of our skin, the entire sentient surface of our body. . .We can no longer stand by idly while they use our nervous system as a relay in the system of capitalist, federal, patriarchal exploitation, nor while they use our brain as a means of punishment programmed by ambient power. . .We can no longer not “come” or hold back our shit, our saliva, our energy according to their laws with their minor, tolerated infractions. We want to explode the frigid, inhibited, mortified body that capitalism wants so desperately to make out of our living body.


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Passion for Freedom: An Interview with Jean Weir


First appearing 325 Magazine, this interview with Jean Weir (of Insurrection magazine and Elephant Editions) features a critical and humble reflection on prison, insurrection, and anarchist publishing. We reformatted this for distribution as a small contribution to insurrection and as a continuation of the anarchist publishing world Weir has contributed to so significantly.


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Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries: Survival, Revolt, and Queer Antagonist Struggle


We present a compilation of historical documents, interviews, and critical analyses of STAR, a group of street queens in early 70s New York City who self-organized for survival and revolt. Contained within are pamphlets distributed by STAR, as well as interviews with and speeches by Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson. Additionally, we are excited to include a critical essay by Ehn Nothing on STAR’s legacy, the enemies of queer insurrection, and the war against gender.


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Dangerous Spaces: Violent Resistance, Self-Defense, and Insurrectional Struggle Against Gender

A collection of writings on women’s and queer violence, self-defense, and revenge.

– “Anarcha-Feminists Take to the Streets”
– “Safety is an Illusion”
– “Notes on Survivor Autonomy and Violence”
– “Dysphoria Means Total Destroy”
– “An Insurrectional Practice Against Gender”
+ 14 communiques


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Letter to the Anarchist Galaxy

From our introduction:

The questions remain:
-Does insurrectionary anarchism mean the conscious intensification of attack by individuals and groups? Or is it the generalization of revolt – its tools and skills – to every part of society? Are these two mutually exclusive?
-What is the point of the named group? Does this merely invite repression? Does group coherency really matter?
-Can anonymity help mitigate state repression? Can it prevent our attacks from being recuperated into the Spectacle? Can it mean the negation of political identities and an assertion of an individualism that evades subjectivity?
-Can guerrilla warfare truly be separated from vanguardism, specialization, and formalism? Is the anarchist guerrilla a totally different breed?

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ASIF (Anarcho Surrealist Insurrectionary Feminist) Manifesto


From the text:

that when you put your fist through a glass window
We shall build our barricades with reinforced steel, and reinforced dreams


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